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Happy New Year Songs



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Auld Lang Syne                                                Susan Boyle


Auld Lang Syne                                       Home Free


A Prayer For Every Year                          Plus One


Same Old Lang Syne                                       Dan Fogelberg


God Bless The U.S.A                                        Kenny G ( The Millennium Mix )


Happy Christmas (War Is Over)                   Celine Dion


Make Your Mark In History                     Kenny G ( The Millennium Mix )


What Are You Doing New Year's Eve          Bette Midler




Happy New Year Fun Pages


Thanks For  Everything


Happy New Year To A Great Friend


May Your 2023 Be Filled With Love And Joy   ( Susan Boyley )


May Your 2023 Be Filled With Love And Joy    ( Home Free )


Auld Lang Syne            (  Home Free )


Happy New Years 1 


Happy New Year  2



From To All The World

Have A Great And Safe






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Auld Lang Syne               Susan Boyle





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