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Emailing or sharing  a song-A-gram is like planting a seed. It plants a seed in the mind of the receiver.  Every time they hear the song it will remind them of you.

Even days, months and years later the song will always remind them of you. So plant some seeds today. It's All Free Too.

This is a FREE SERVICE so Share as many as you want or just come in and Have Fun

It works, to prove it the next few songs you listen to will remind you of your visit here everytime you hear them, weeks, months and yesrs from now. " Guarantee "  Try It

So will the Person you share them with.

Come on Plant Some Seeds you won't regret it.


I started this web site as a hobby back in 2000, it has had it's ups and downs. I'm trying to take it to the another level but I need your help. Please use this site and pass the web address on to all your friends. Post it on all your media pages. It's in Gods hands now and yours. Just trying to make songAgram a household name. So that being said I do THANK YOU for your help getting this web site to the next level. I can only do it with all of you. If you have any questions about anything you can contact me at this email address.




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